St. Patrick Church, Long Island City


Thanksgiving Day Mass 11/28
Bilingual Mass will be held on Thanksgiving, Thurs., Nov. 28 at
9 AM. Bring the bread and wine that you will be serving at
Thanksgiving dinner in order to have them blessed at Mass.



Christmas Eve Drama Needs Actors

Children and youth of all ages are needed for a

dramatization of the first chapter of the Gospel of St. Matthew
at the vigil Mass on Christmas Eve, Sun., Dec. 24 at 5 PM.
This Gospel is a genealogy of the ancestors of Jesus of
Nazareth and concludes with the Nativity. The drama
concludes with the visit of the Magi. The dramatization
will occur as part of the homily, which will be narrated
entirely by Fr. Rob Powers.
Weekly rehearsals will be held on Saturdays during the
Advent season. Volunteers are welcome to assist with
making costumes. St. Patrick’s parishioners are encouraged
to invite children of friends and family who are not
parishioners but who would like to act in the

There will be more info. in the coming weeks.
Parishioners who are interested may speak with Fr.
Powers or submit the registration form found on the next
page of this bulletin.

Drama de Nochebuena Necesita Actores
Se necesitan niños y jovenes de todas las edades para la
dramatización del primer capitulo del evangelio de San
Mateo para la Nochebuena, Martes, 24 de Dic. a las 5
PM. Este Evangelio es la genealogia de los antepasados
de Jesus de Nazaret, y concluye con la Na􀆟vidad y la
visita de los Magos. La dramatización será parte de la
homilia, la cual será narrada en su totalidad por el Padre
Robert Powers. Habrán ensayos seminalmente durante
el Adviento. Animamos a los feligreses de San Patricio a
que inviten a los niños de sus familiares y amigos que
aunque no sean de esta parroquia, se animen a participar
en la dramatización.
Los interesados en la drama􀆟zación pueden
comunicarse con el Padre Powers or pueden


Holy Land Pilgrimage in Nov. 2019

The Filipino Apostolate is sponsoring an 8-day Pilgrimage to
the Holy Land from Nov. 14 thru Nov. 21, 2019.

The package includes:

round trip transportation NY to Tel Aviv; six nights
4-star first class hotels; five days sightseeing in luxury air-conditioned
 coach of Bethlehem; Masada & the Dead Sea; Old City
of Jerusalem; the Sea of Galilee; Church of the Holy Sepulchre;
Mount Zion. Registration forms available on the bulletin
boards in the vestibule.
Cost: $2600
Spiritual Director: Fr. Rob Powers
Reservations: Zoila Mendoza 516 695 0784;
Albert Diala 347 260 8063