Religious Education

stpats-047Want to Become a Catholic?

If your faith journey has led you to the Catholic Church, please speak with one of the priests or Rosa Gomez, our Religious Education Coordinator, about the RCIA. The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is for non-Catholics desiring to become Catholics, or for Catholics who never made their First Communion and/or Confirmation, or never had much religious education.


Religious Education of Children:

All children and adolescents in our parish, from 1st Grade through 8th Grade, need and deserve a religious education in order to grow and mature spiritually as well as physically and intellectually.  You care for their mind and body; make sure you care, just as much, for their soul.

St. Patrick’s offers a comprehensive program of religious formation for children and teens.  Please contact Rosa Gomez, Director of Religious Education, at (718) 706-4565 for more information.